Wednesday 17th of April 2024

Legal Battle Unfolds: Class-Action Lawyer Calls for Freezing Assets in Montreal Billionaire Sex Case

"Montreal Billionaire Sex Case: Class-Action Lawyer Pushes for Asset Freeze Amid Concerns of Hidden Funds"

In a Montreal court, a class-action lawyer representing alleged victims of a billionaire accused of paying dozens of minors for sex is seeking to safeguard potential compensation. Jeff Orenstein, representing the now-adult women in the proposed class-action, urged the court to compel Robert Miller and his company, Future Electronics, to deposit $200 million for safekeeping. This move aims to secure funds for the alleged victims in case of a successful lawsuit against Miller. Failure to comply could result in an asset freeze for Miller, his associated companies, and individuals connected to him.

Orenstein emphasized the urgency of the matter as Miller is reportedly in the process of selling Future Electronics for $5.2 billion. Concerns arise that the proceeds from the sale might be transferred to foreign bank accounts, beyond the reach of Quebec courts. Orenstein cited difficulty in serving legal papers to Miller and raised suspicions about property transactions indicating an attempt to conceal assets.

However, Miller's lawyer, Karim Renno, countered these claims, asserting that there is no evidence of asset concealment. Renno argued against the asset freeze order, stating that recent property transactions were not suspicious and that Miller is still residing in Quebec, facing health challenges that limit his mobility.

The court proceedings became contentious, with Justice Eleni Yiannakis expressing skepticism about the breadth of the proposed asset freeze order. She questioned the relevance of certain arguments and cautioned against the extreme nature of such a remedy at this stage of the legal process.

Amidst the legal wrangling, the judge scolded Orenstein for suggesting surprise witnesses and emphasized the need for sensitivity in addressing allegations of sexual assault. The court is navigating the complexities of a high-profile case, balancing the pursuit of justice for the victims with legal procedures and due process considerations."

"Legal Battle Unfolds in Montreal Billionaire Sex Case: Asset Freeze Request Amidst Allegations of Widespread Misconduct"

In the ongoing legal saga surrounding Montreal billionaire Robert Miller, a class-action lawyer is pushing for an asset freeze to secure potential compensation for over 50 women who allege sexual misconduct over a 30-year period, beginning in the 1970s. Jeff Orenstein, representing the women, emphasizes the urgency of the freeze, expressing concerns that Miller may attempt to hide assets, especially as he is reportedly in the process of selling his company, Future Electronics, for $5.2 billion.

Orenstein asserts that his firm has received statements from 41 alleged victims outlining their claims, with expectations of more women coming forward. The proposed class action seeks $2.5 million in damages on behalf of the first woman to come forward, who alleges exploitation at the age of 17. Orenstein argues that a $200 million deposit by Miller is necessary to ensure the alleged victims receive compensation in the event of a successful lawsuit.

Miller's lawyer, Karim Renno, vehemently denies the allegations and challenges the validity of the compensation claim. Renno emphasizes that the police investigated the allegations in 2009, and Miller was neither charged nor acquitted. He contends that the $2.5 million claim is excessive, comparing it to other cases involving victims of sexual assault.

Justice Eleni Yiannakis plans to rule in one week, considering the asset freeze request while stating she won't freeze the sale of Future Electronics. The case, filed in February, awaits authorization by a judge to proceed as a class action, marking a critical juncture in the legal proceedings surrounding the Montreal billionaire sex case."

"As the Montreal billionaire sex case continues to unfold, the courtroom drama intensifies with a class-action lawyer pushing for an asset freeze to secure potential compensation for over 50 women alleging sexual misconduct by Robert Miller over a span of 30 years. The legal battle hinges on the urgency of freezing assets amid concerns that Miller, currently in the process of selling his company for billions, may attempt to hide funds. The court is tasked with weighing the validity of the claims, with Jeff Orenstein arguing for a $200 million deposit to safeguard the alleged victims' compensation. Miller's lawyer vehemently denies the allegations, pointing to a past police investigation and challenging the compensation claim. As Justice Eleni Yiannakis prepares to rule in a week, the case stands at a crucial juncture, highlighting the complex dynamics surrounding the pursuit of justice in a high-profile and sensitive legal matter."