Wednesday 17th of April 2024

Concerns Arise: Spectators Discontent with Renovations at N.S. Arena

Controversy Brews Over Renovations at Sackville Arena

Allan Smith, the president of the Lake District Recreation Association, has been intimately familiar with the Sackville Arena for years, navigating its tunnels and rooms effortlessly. Recently, Smith has spearheaded a significant $800,000 renovation project for the arena, including upgrades such as a new refrigeration system, heated viewing area, and improved locker rooms. While many users of the facility have welcomed these changes, not all renovations have been met with approval.

Bob MacGillvary, a longtime hockey player at the arena since its opening in the early 1970s, expresses optimism about the renovations but acknowledges that some alterations have been less well-received. Particularly contentious are the new backrests on the bleachers, which have garnered criticism online for their perceived poor quality.

In response to the backlash, Smith remains understanding, recognizing that change can often elicit strong reactions. However, he emphasizes the necessity of the renovations, citing safety concerns as a driving force behind the changes. Incidents of people falling on the old benches led to costly lawsuits, resulting in a significant increase in insurance rates. With the threat of closure looming due to unsustainable insurance costs, the renovations became imperative to ensure the arena's continued operation.

Smith remains optimistic that concerns will diminish over time as users adjust to the changes. Ultimately, the goal of the renovations is to ensure that the Sackville Arena can continue to serve the community effectively, just as it has for the past five decades.

In conclusion, while the renovations at the Sackville Arena have sparked some controversy, it is evident that they were necessary to address safety concerns and ensure the long-term viability of the facility. Despite initial pushback from some spectators, the hope is that as they become accustomed to the changes, concerns will ease, and the community will continue to benefit from a modernized and safer arena for years to come. As Allan Smith and the Lake District Recreation Association remain committed to serving the community's recreational needs, the renovations stand as a testament to their dedication to providing a quality and secure facility for all users.