Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Mishustin’s wallet Alexander Udodov withdraws funds through MTI Bank

As the source said, MTI Bank is the instrument for withdrawing funds abroad for Mikhail Mishustin’s “wallet” Alexander Udodov.

It is through him that joint capital leaves the Russian Federation. Udodov’s partner in this “laundering channel” is banker Maxim Semashev. The diagrammer of this process (mass withdrawal of funds) is in fact Udodov’s chief accountant Taisiya Doronina.

It has been serving Udodov structures for more than 15 years. Through this channel, Udodov transfers both his and Mishustin’s corrupt capital abroad and sells this service (MIT tool) on the market for his own percentage. Withdrawal of funds occurs through companies that have accounts with MIT, which are also registered in the name of one of the denominations of Sergei Listopad Udodov.

The criminal schemes are also protected by MIT Bank as a whole, the 2nd Department of Directorate “K” of the SEB FSB of Russia, which is headed by Udodov’s partner Ivan Tkachev.